Facebook Chat Assistant – $30/hr

Do you use Facebook? Are you looking for a job you can do online? Hundreds of businesses are currently hiring new Facebook Chat Assistants to chat with their customers on Facebook. There are a lot of positions available for people from all countries and because of the high demand for new workers, entry level jobs are paying $30/hr. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, click here to apply.



Become a Website Chat Support Agent

Have you ever chatted to a business via live chat on their website? The person you were talking to is a website chat support agent, and they are getting paid $25 – $35 an hour to help you. Right now there are thousands of businesses hiring website chat support agents, no experience is required as full training is provided. If you are looking for an online job that you can start right now, click here to apply.



Instagram Chat Assistant – $250 a Day

Several online retailers are looking to hire additional Instagram Chat Assistants to help drive more sales through Direct Messages sent to their Instagram accounts. This is online work that can be done from anywhere, full training is provided and the pay is $250 a day. Hiring workers from all countries. Click here to apply.



Live Chat Job For Shoe Company

We have an online shoe retailer that is looking to hire 10 live chat assistants. This business is growing fast and taking a lot of orders through their website. They offer live chat sales and customer support to their customers on their website and this job posting is to hire workers to be these live chat assistants. Full training is provided and you work online from your phone or laptop. Click here to apply.



Send TikTok DM’s – $30/hr

These businesses are currently hiring new live chat assistants to reply to DM’s from customers on their TikTok accounts. These jobs are available all over the world, the work is done online, and you just need a TikTok account, reliable access to the internet, and 20+ hours a week to work on this. Click here to complete your application if you’re interested. Click here to apply.



Website Chat Assistant Job – $270/day

This is an open job position to be a website chat assistant. We currently have lots of different businesses hiring for these positions in all countries right now. Website chat assistants are the people who answer the customer’s live chat support or sales questions on a business’s website. The work is done online, normally from home. Read the full details here to complete your application if you are interested. Click here to apply.



Facebook Messenger Job – $30/hr

We are hiring a number of new Facebook Chat Assistants. This is an entry level live chat job, where you will be answering questions from customers on a businesses Facebook messenger chat account. These jobs are hiring right now and full training is provided. You just need 20 hours a week availability and a device that can access Facebook messenger. Click here to apply.



$220/day – Shopify Assistant Job

A number of Shopify stores on our platform are hiring new live chat operators to respond to customer live chat messages on their Shopify stores. These jobs are open for application worldwide, with strong demand for new workers from English Speaking countries. Click here to see complete details and apply.



Get Paid To Send DM’s – $32/hr

Would you like to get paid to send DM’s on Instagram and Facebook? If so, this is the job for you. The number of businesses that now use direct messaging on social media platforms as their main way of communicating with their customers is at an all-time high. That means these businesses need to hire more live chat workers to send and reply to these DM’s with their customers. And with this job application on this page, you can be the next person hired for one of these jobs. Click here to apply.



Chat On Twitter Job – $25/hr

This is a job posting for online jobs where you get paid to chat with customers on a business’s Twitter account. These are remote positions, meaning you log in online to do the work, and all you need is basic English skills and a Twitter account. Click here to read full details and apply.



Customer Support Chat Job: $25/hr

This is a job application, open for applicants from all countries, for online customer support workers doing live chat support. This means you will be handling the live chat messages for a business on their website and social media accounts. Full training is provided and we have jobs available to start work on right away. You are able to set your own hours as long as you work a minimum of 10 hours a week. Click here to apply.



Job Offer: Live Chat Assistant

Are you looking for a job that you can do online, from home? Do you have a laptop, tablet, or phone with a reliable internet connection? If so, this live chat assistant job could be for you. We are hiring people from all countries right now for these positions. Full training is provided and we are looking for people who can start work right away. Click here to complete your application.



Can you reply to this?

This job today requires you to reply to live chat messages on behalf of businesses. It’s an online job that you can do from anywhere, and the starting pay is $25 per hour going up to $35 per hour. Businesses now have live chat messages coming in through their websites and all of their social media accounts, so they need to hire people like you to help them respond quickly to all of these messages. You don’t need any experience for this job because full training is provided, and we are looking for people who can start work right away. If you have an interest in this topic, read all the details here



Send DM’s on Twitch – $30/hr

Do you use the streaming platform Twitch? If you do, would you like a job working for companies replying to chat messages on their channel? We have a lot of businesses right now hiring live chat assistants to work on their Twitch accounts, replying to customer inquiries. You will be given their account access as well as being told what to reply to the most commonly asked questions. Twitch is a huge growth channel for many businesses so they are hiring a lot of people all over the world for these jobs and the pay is very good. Click here to read more details and apply.



How would you respond to this?

This is a job posting for live chat assistants, and the most important part of your job as a live chat assistant is how you respond to questions from customers (and potential customers). There are a lot of businesses on our platform hiring more live chat assistants right now. More and more businesses are using live chat on their websites and using social media platforms that have messaging functions, like Facebook and Instagram.

This means that all of these businesses also need to hire live chat assistants to help them respond to all these messages. If you are reading this job posting right now, we are hiring more people for these jobs right now. Click here to check the criteria and see if you qualify.



How can I help you?

This is a job advertisement for a live chat customer support assistant. Your job will be to respond to live chat messages from customers on a business’s website and help them with their support questions. Most questions are about shipping rates, return policies and what types of items are in stock, etc. Don’t worry if you have not done this type of work before, this is an entry-level position and full training is provided. Click here to apply.



$0.50 Per Minute Live Chat Job

This is an online job as a live chat assistant where you get paid per minute. If you login and do 15 minutes work and then stop, you are paid immediately for those 15 minutes of work. The per minute pay rate for these live chat assistant jobs is $0.50 per minute. So if you login and do 15 minutes work, you get paid $7.50. If you login and do 3 hours work you are paid $90. There are a lot of businesses hiring for these jobs from all over the world so you can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want per week. Click here to apply.



$30/hr to chat to angry customers

Live chat customer support jobs can sometimes be challenging when you are dealing with a customer complaint. But that is why you can get paid $30 an hour for entry-level jobs, whilst setting your own hours and working at home. A lot of businesses now offer live chat support to their customers on both their websites and their social media apps. Because of this, they need to hire a lot of live chat assistants to do these jobs. If you are interested in doing this type of work, check out the full job details below. Click here to apply.


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