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One day a couple of years ago I broke down and started to cry. I couldn’t help it. I’ve reached my breaking point with my online business.I spent 3.5 years blogging, social media marketing and optimizing my sites for Google Search, but I wasn’t getting much traffic less actual sales!

That day I stopped chasing “free traffic” because it cost me 3.5 years I couldn’t have back. I switched to a new traffic source and it exploded my business. Get details in this video.


The beauty of the internet is you can set up multiple streams of income.

I’m already doing well with affiliate marketing, but there’s another income stream I’ve got that’s putting my affiliate income to shame… in a good way.

This income stream is responsible for putting an extra 2M in my pocket every year… since 2010.

My Secret 7-Figure Side Gig

When I first figured out how to drive traffic successfully to affiliate offers and started making a little bit of money with affiliate marketing, I noticed lots of other people always pried me for my secrets. It seemed like traffic generation was a big thing to them.

So I decided to experiment with offering my services as a lead generator to them and immediately had several people pay me to drive leads for them.

This accidental discovery lead to a huge realization that since then made me well over 10,000,000.00 and that is…

People don’t know how to drive leads and will pay good money to those who do.

So I quickly started a full-fledge lead generation agency and built an 8-figure business generating leads for other people.

Why Should You Care?

I never shared how I built my lead generation agency before.

I never shared how I got clients.

I never shared how I generated leads for clients

I never shared how I took this agency from meager 200/week to 2M a year in just a couple of years.

Inside Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 for the first time, I’m revealing how I generate 967,822 clicks per month with ease (working less than 60 minutes a week).

This is the same strategy I’ve been using to serve clients with leads too and charge them a set amount upfront for lead packages.

Giving me cashflow to invest towards my own affiliate business.

This put me in a unique position where it was very hard for me to lose.

And since I’m already showing you how I’m driving traffic… I’ve also decided to show you how I built my lead generation agency into a massive side-gig that made me a multi millionaire.

This is one of the bonuses I’m including with your Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 membership when you act before the deadline.


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