Does social media marketing work for affiliate marketers?

According to my friend Igor – not so much.


Because Igor, having started out completely broke, was chasing gold at the end of the social media rainbow for a couple of years trying to monetize his Facebook, his Twitter and his YouTube account.

Igor even built a WordPress blog where he documented his journey and all that jazz… only to abandon it 8 months later with thousands of long-tail-keyword optimized posts because they weren’t making him money.

Surprisingly, after Igor stopped doing social media marketing and changed his approach to what he describes in this video it all changed for him

I can relate to what Igor went through. I spent countless hours browsing the internet researching methods. Some were too expensive and too hard to even attempt.

Others just didn’t work.

I hate to think of all the time and money I wasted and I always wished there was an easier way.

It was under my nose all along

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