50K Guaranteed Visitors to your web site: Was $164.98 per 50K, now only $109.95 (a lot cheaper than solo ads). More info below.

In a lot of ways this is better than a 200-500 click solo ad, because it’s “guaranteed” visitors to your specific URL.

What’s the catch?

The catch is if your web site sucks, your results are going to suck. If you’re promoting a good metric landing page like Frank Calabro’s shared sites for the Cash Now Funnel, or the Fire Your Boss funnel by Ace and Rich, you’ll get actual visitors to your site.

When you use Guaranteed Visitors from, it is recommended that you use the shared pages from your PLS/CNF/FYB funnels as they are the best converting landing pages to date.

I have used Traffic Wave’s Guaranteed Visitors for over 4 years now and gotten over 300,000 subscribers into a variety of my funnels. My average optin percentages have been anywhere from 54% to 67%, with a conversion rate of approximately 3%. That equates to about 200 sales per 10k visitors.

The more visitors you order, the more optins and conversions. Again, “conversions” depend on the metrics of your web site.

These visitors are an inexpensive way for marketers to test their metrics, and it is highly suggested that you send your traffic to a lead capture page where they can optin with either an email, or name AND email. Asking for more information that that is going to lower your optins.

You can read the full “skinny” on the Traffic Wave Guaranteed Traffic website by clicking here.

The order page is a secure socket, and Traffic Wave has been in the business of autoresponders and guaranteed traffic for over 20 years.

Read all their information on their website.

There are no guarantees of your results: the only thing that is guaranteed is the number of visitors you order.

You can “span” your traffic out to over the course of a week or over the course of a month, or more.

You can get as few as 10,000 GUARANTEED VISITORS to your site for as little at $24.95 (was $49.98). You can also get as many as 1 million visitors for $1,479.95

Go to Traffic Wave Guaranteed Visitors and order your traffic.


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