I’ll have to admit it: when I first saw the “freebies” industry (over 10 years ago now) I thought — like a lot of people — that it was a scam. But once I “drilled down” into how the incentivized “freebie” industry worked, AND UNDERSTOOD IT, I jumped into it with both feet.


The term “freebies” can be elusive to some, and possibly misleading to others, but yes, there ARE a lot of free offers in these networks that will make you money.

How do you make money with freebies?

When you sign up with a freebie network and complete enough offers (sometimes only one… maybe two, depending on their credit values) and earn yourself a full 1.0 credit, you are now eligible to promote your affiliate ID and start getting paid…

…sometimes multiple times a day.

One of those networks, Making Easy Dollars, is the free system “front end” that promotes the Zazz Freebies network, and I’ve been working with the owner for over 10 years, and still make a steady income from it.

Many people got their start in the affiliate marketing industry using the freebies platforms. I’ve seen a lot of networks come and go over the past 10 years, but Making Easy Dollars and Zazz Freebies have proven themselves by being honest and reputable, and paying out millions of dollars in commissions.

If you’re looking for something where you can make some quick and easy cash, paid daily, and sometimes multiple times a day, then perhaps you should get your feet wet with Making Easy Dollars and Zazz Freebies.

If you think you’re going to make a lot of money in the volatile crypto / btc niche, think again: you could lose your shirt faster than a coyote drinking Red Bull®. Then again, you might make a lot of money with ETH, BTC, or another token…

…but the question you’ve got to ask yourself is this: how long is it going to take you to win?

Especially when the odds are stacked against you.

If I were a betting man, I would go with Making Easy Dollars and Zazz Freebies and start making money within the next 15 minutes, versus trying to “hit the jackpot” with something as unstable as crypto in 15 days to 15 months.

That’s just my personal opinion.

Go watch this video then follow the instructions. Sign up on the 50 Zazz network and start getting paid today! It’s certainly a lot faster than crypto there’s no risk since it’s free to sign up.

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