How to Benefit From High Fuel Prices

What do you mean benefit from high fuel prices?

You’re not the only one to find it difficult to understand, but motorists can actually benefit from high fuel prices.

“Okay… how?” you say.

The human brain has such a wonderful capacity to come through for us when we need it most, and many times, the situation has to become dire, before our brains will really kick in and help us.

So apart from the financial benefits that we will get to later, I want to begin with some less obvious benefits. If you’re angry about giving so much money to the gas companies, then just don’t.

(By the way, the gas companies are not making that much money on a gallon of gas anyway.)

Gas stations are only making a few cents a gallon while the rest of their money is made inside a convenience store where patrons buy their beer, soda, chips and candy bars.

Take for instance our local supermarket here in Lubbock: the gas station out on the corner is attached to a convenience store, but the “main draw” is the supermarket about 100 yards on the other side of the parking lot. The gas station is secondary to the main operations: groceries.

Gasoline is just a “loss leader”, or in marketing terms, a “lead magnet” to get them into the store where they will spend a couple hundred dollars for groceries versus $40 for a tank of gas.

But, I digress…

Yes, you could get some exercise riding your bike to work instead of driving your vehicle, but that’s not how you operate. We drive great distances to get to work and back, and it’s just not feasible for you to ride a bike, or take a “brisk” walk to the office, is it?


And if you’re in the logistics and transportation industry, then walking and riding a bike ride is nonsensical and unrealistic.

But still, I do consider high gas prices to be an opportunity.

Let me explain:

Experience a new technology, one that will allow you to convert you car or truck into a more fuel efficient, and eco-friendly vehicle.

Most pre-owned vehicles are worth more used than new and no wonder. I know that this is a complete reversal of what we expect. We’ve been told that vehicles lose 20% of their value the minute you drive them off the lot. But this is a question of supply and demand. Now that fuel prices are as high as they are, both gasoline and diesel, it just makes more more sense to do some research into “accelerating” our fuel savings at the pump.

There is a technology available that will allow you to improve your fuel mileage without fuel additives: it’s called a “fuel accelerator“… much like the accelerators that are used in ballistic missiles and NASA booster rockets. Besides, most new automobile manufacturers consider the use of fuel additives in a new vehicle to be a reason to void their warranty, but NOT an “accelerator”. There’s a difference between the two.

Without needing any technical knowledge other than the ability to handle a fuel nozzle, you could be saving a lot of money at the pump by using a tablet form fuel accelerator. If you want to read more of the techie stuff, you can see it here.

The cost of this solution is less than the price of a single tank of gas to get started [Xcelerate Fuel Tabs].

I’ve been using fuel accelerators in my 2019 Chevy Colorado for 6 months now and my fuel mileage has increased by 67%. But that’s not the norm: my engine is only 3 years old at the time of this writing, and has less than 9K miles on it. When I first bought the truck it was getting 13MPG. I started using the fuel tabs 6 months ago when I found Xcelerate Fuel Tabs, and my mileage went to 18MPG in the first 5 tank fills.

Since then it has crept up to 26.5MPG. But, as I said, this is not the norm.

I’ve heard more realistic claims of a 20% increase in fuel mileage, which translates into a fuel savings for the consumer.

I just got an Facebook Messenger chat from a buddy of mine yesterday where they’re now paying $6.999 per gallon for gasoline! He’s livid! He’s a perfect candidate for a fuel saving device like the Xcelerate Fuel Tab. Well, it’s not a “device” per se, but you get what I mean.

Don’t you?

Maybe it’s time we all started using fuel tabs. They certainly have their benefits.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section. Give me some feedback what you think of fuel tabs, accelerators, and what gas prices are looking at in your area.

Share with me your driving habits, and some of your concerns.

And, yes, I’m sure there’s a lot of political factors involved in this high gas price issue: there always is a political “driver” behind the wheel of high inflation and gas prices.



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