Building a list of buyers for your online business (service or products) isn’t difficult when you’re using the right tools.

We’re giving away the Free Lead System (FLS) where you can give it away and promote your business without ever having to pay for it.

The Lead Lightning (LL) system is a small upgrade of the FLS that has a ONE TIME cost of only $7. When you give away the FLS, and someone decides to buy the Lead Lightning system upgrade, you’ll make a one time $6 commission on each sale.

Just think of how many people you could give away this free lead system to in Facebook groups. If you belong to groups on Facebook that have lots of members in them, I’m sure you could find some people who could use a free lead generating system for their business.

Where Could You Give This Tool Away, And STILL Make Money?

You can use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and network with other marketers in groups, and on your personal page and timeline.

Facebook is still probably the most powerful marketing tool with lots of features to help you succeed. Most marketing is done in the form of a simple post or image, Facebook events, pages, and StreamYard live streams to give live content in real time. Learn how to use Facebook groups for Network Building and building your business, and not just spamming groups with advertising. Be a contributor to the overall well being of the group and be a positive impact on the membership, and you will start building a “tribe” of followers.

When you start sharing workable solutions, not just ideas, how people can make money online, and do it properly on social media, you can build a list of people who follow you and give you “street cred” for being an authority in your field of expertise.

Facebook Events

Facebook events is another way to connect with and grow your network, while demonstrating the strength of relationships. Facebook Events don’t have to be for an in-person event, they can be for a Skype session, a conference call, a Zoom meeting or webinar, or even just a brainstorming session on Facebook.

To create an event, find “Create Event” listed under Events in the navigation column of your Facebook page. As you build your event, you can add the important details like date, time and location.

Facebook Groups

Though not as popular as they once were, Facebook Groups are still a powerful markting tool… especially if you are the “owner admin” of the group. Groups allow you to connect with people who matter most to you and who have similar interests.

Consider creating a Facebook group for your team, business, or people interested in your business. To launch your own group, navigate to Groups on your Facebook Timeline or Network, click on the plus sign (+) next to your name, and choose Group to create a new one.

You will now have the option to set your group as Public, Closed, or Secret. Public groups mean anyone can join, closed groups mean you can send invites and people can request to join them, and secret groups means no one can join unless the person who created the group invites them.

Consider creating a private group for your downline or a public group for people interested in your business. Groups allow for better visibility because when you add a group, it will appear in the left hand navigation with its own icon.

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Free Lead System and Lead Lightning are part of the Power Lead System marketing tool set.

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